Why did we give up Alibaba and choose to build our own official website?

We have been operating on Alibaba for many years, and this year our company made the most important decision to close down our business on Alibaba

In the global Novel Coronavirus pandemic, Alibaba is using its monopoly position to harvest merchant funds, and we cannot continue to provide customers with high-quality and affordable products on the Alibaba platform

As a buyer, you can no longer find cheap and good-quality products on Alibaba. Because of Alibaba’s current monopoly position, it has become the “dictator” of Chinese commerce, most of our profits have been taken away by Alibaba, and we need to invest a lot of money every year to find customers on Alibaba. If a large number of our profits continue to be invested in the Alibaba platform, the competition among many companies will only make the price of our products higher and higher, but the profit of our products will be lower and lower, and the price for customers to buy products will be higher and higher, and our manufacturers will face a huge dilemma for survival.

Alibaba is using its monopoly position as a dictator to rob Chinese merchants of their customers.  The personal information of many buyers was severely leaked by “Xiaoman” and other software, and then the personal information of buyers was sold to other businesses for malicious business competition. Therefore, many buyers would receive inexplicable emails and messages, which damaged the relationship between buyers and long-term cooperative businesses.  Our company is firmly opposed to using “Xiaoman” to obtain customer information of other companies for unfair competition, which is also one of the reasons for us to give up Alibaba  

Under the policy of the crazy rise of raw materials and the restriction of electricity consumption by the government, the production cost of our products is getting higher and higher, and the price will be more and more expensive.  Our customers will make less profit on their purchases, which is bad for everyone.  Therefore, we shut down Alibaba to control our costs and keep the quality of our products in good condition to make the price of our products more and more friendly  

If we continue to make money on Alibaba, workers will have to work hard and long hours, which will harm the freedom, human rights, and health of Chinese workers.  The freedom and rights of every human being are given by God and cannot be infringed upon.  After giving up Alibaba, we decided to improve the treatment of workers and buy more advanced production equipment so that customers can buy the best quality products.  

We sincerely apologize to our customers who have supported us on Alibaba over the past few years. We will continue to provide efficient and high-quality services on our official website.

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